Had such a great time tonight! Thanks everyone for all of the hard work that went into this. We have our own Roller Derby Team?!


Becky Archibald

This is just fantastic! I already have the April 23rd show on my calendar. Do you? Hello Vancouver!!

Catherine Rich

Great event! Can’t wait for the next one.

Sharon Pesut

Great event! Fantastic night. Thanks all!!

Tabitha Reeder

You guys did a spectacular job of producing Hello Vancouver! last night! We had loads of fun and look forward to more! Good work! We love Vancouver, too!

Michelle Wollert

Hello Vancouver! What an amazing show! Great job ‪#‎HighFive‬! Vancouver is a wonderful place to live!

Mike Pond

So much fun!!!! Thank you for giving John his moment to shine. It was surreal and beautiful. And I blame you, Jim Mains, for making me almost go into the ugly cry.

Anni Becker

Hello Vancouver! is what we need to revitalize downtown Vancouver and our beautiful city. Thank you Temple Lentz and crew!

Lee Rafferty

Totally interesting and enjoyable evening. Thank you!

Jill Nelson

What a great evening with wonderful talent. Our very own variety show!!!

Anne McEnerny-Ogle

An absolutely amazing evening and one that I am proud of. You all rocked it and quite frankly I have never been as proud of my Vancouver as I was tonight. Temple my dear and all of you, you are one in a million. Count me in the volunteer group for the upcoming show. I LOVE MY PEEPS!

Kelly Bolan

Congrats. It was fun, informative and for the most part entertaining. You guys rock!

Ann Cappa

Temple! You, JimNoland, and Bryan brought your A game. Nice work! Looking forward to April!

Brad Wager

Great show. Keep ’em coming!

Elizabeth Campbell