About the Show


Get out for the night and join us for a brand new, live talk show that looks at life as we live it here in this incredible corner of Southwest Washington!


Let’s change the dialogue … by actually having a dialogue. Every episode, we’ll talk about a community issue that’s flying under the radar and could use a little more attention. What’s really going on? Who is involved and what are they doing? What do we, as community members, need to know?


This town is just crawling with interesting people doing interesting things. Case in point: did you know we have your own roller derby team? Well, if you DID know, you get the prize and our producers will be calling you to find out what else you know about that we need to know. But if you didn’t — YES! We have a roller derby team on this side of the Columbia! How cool is that!


Seriously, we have some incredible home-grown bands here in Vancouver and Clark County. Every episode, we’ll feature a local band or musical act as our musical guest. They’ll play a few songs for us, chat with the host, and tell us what they’re working on. *Ahem* They’ll also have merchandise available for sale in the lobby. You know. If you’re so inclined.


Who doesn’t love a local boy (or girl) makes good story? We have phenomenal talent here in Vancouver and Clark County, with performers, writers, designers, business owners, and DO-ers who’ve made a name for themselves beyond our county lines.


We’ve been working on some silly videos for your viewing pleasure. We’d tell you more about them, but it’s more fun to make you wait.

Who will stop in for a surprise visit?

Is she really doing a dramatic reading of an OKCupid profile?

Which celebrity look-alike would YOU pick for our local elected officials?

Are you excited about giveaways and silliness? Because we are. We’re REALLY excited about it.

Doors open at 6:30 PM. Show at 7 PM.


Q: Is this show family-friendly?

A: Depends on your family(grin). In all seriousness, the show is community friendly. We’re saying PG-13. Probably not appropriate for little kids, but we’re not getting crazy. This isn’t a live episode of the Daily ‘Couve, for goodness’ sake.

Q: How long is the show?

A: Doors open at 6:30 pm, with some pre-show activity about 7. The recorded live show begins at 7:30. It runs just about an hour, anding about 8:30.

Q: So is this going to be on TV?

A: Even better: The Internets. We’re recording the entire show and will air segments on online, in between live shows.


Q: Is it hard to know you have this much awesomeness in one room?

A: Yes. Yes it is.